Colcannon Two Ways – Quick Leftover Meal

This afternoon I was scanning the fridge for leftovers to make into some kind of mostly edible meal for lunch. I see ham and cabbage. The ham chunks are going into my Carribbean Rice dish** tonight for dinner, and that left me with 1/2 head cabbage. Ok…cabbage…colcannon!

Traditionally colcannon is made one of two ways, cabbage and pasta or cabbage and potatoes. I say, why not both?? A little carb overload won’t hurt you once in a while.

I love sauteed cabbage. Oh, who am I kidding. I love cabbage in any form, even raw. I ate as much raw while I was cooking as I did cooked. Anyhow….
I grabbed two tiny potatoes that were past their prime for baking and would have been tossed tomorrow and a box of pasta shells.
-cook pasta according to the box
-dice the potatoes and saute in oil until browned
-slice the cabbage and add to the potatoes toward the end of their cooking
-drain pasta well, put back in pot and add the potatoes/cabbage.
-spice as you want. I added basil, salt and pepper.
-I also added a touch of olive oil and melted butter.
So, there ya go..Colcannon two ways 😀
Good for ya, ehhhh, sure why not. I suppose you could make it healthier by using whole wheat pasta, adding other veggies (I think zucchini would be great), decreasing the oil. You could add almost any kind of leftover cooked meat, even canned tuna or salmon if you want.
Now my kids are fed, I resisted the urge to run to McDonald’s and my fridge is empty enough to be scrubbed out.
**I wish I had a fancy recipe for Carribbean rice but I don’t. I buy the Zatarain’s rice mixes when they’re on sale 10/$10. I usually add kielbasa but today I’m adding chunks of ham and pineapple that were leftover from the AMAZING sweet-spiced ham my mother made for Christmas dinner

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