Valentine’s Day on a Budget

The modern, strong Meg stands by the theory that Valentine’s Day was created by the card companies, but the girly girl inside of me really likes the pink and the flowers and the little surprises and the…


Jason and I have been sweethearts for 16 years and as a young, married couple we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together. We didn’t have the spare cash to buy each other cards and gifts, so we drew pictures for each other. It was really sweet and I still have the pictures tucked away.

Here are 10 ideas to help you celebrate the day of love, without sinking the Loveboat.

1. Write a poem to your sweetheart

2. Make heart-shaped pizza (refrigerated dough works best for this, unless you want to make dough by hand)

3. Make a cake shaped like a heart by using one square pan and one round pan. Place the square cake like a diamond with points on top and bottom. Cut the round cake in half and place each half on either side of the top point.

4. Take a long, slow walk together at dusk, holding hands.

5. Have a movie night. Redbox is offering a free rental code on Feb 14, all you have to do is “like” Redbox on Facebook and click “valentines” from the left hand menu. Add a bottle of wine and cuddle up together on the couch.

6. Lay a blanket in your yard and watch the stars, or clouds if you’re a daytime person.

7. Instead of flowers buy your sweetie a plant. You can get your hands dirty together…and clean together *wink wink*

8. A photo frame filled with a picture of the two of you, a quote that your loved one will appreciate or a piece of art you created yourself. It’s OK if you’re not the artistic type, everything looks better in a frame.

9. Dinner for two is popular at our place. Prepare your table with a tablecloth, candles, two forks (ohhh fancy!), play soft music, drink out of wine glasses and eat on the good china. Dinner doesn’t have to be fancy, even fish sticks look great in candlelight! If you have children feed them early and send them to bed, or at least banish them to another room for the night. If your kids are game (and not grossed out by kissing) “hire” them to be waiters and waitresses.

10. Burn a custom CD with their favorite songs or romantic classics


Jar Of Hearts – cut out 30 (or 100 *smile*) hearts out of pink, red and white paper. On each heart write something that you love about your partner, and stick in a few promises for services (good for 1 backrub, dish washing, etc.). Put the hearts in a jar and instruct them to open one heart every time they need a “pick me up”.


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