June 2012 Challenge – New in June!

It’s the last day of May, do you know what that  means?

Of course you do! It’s time to get ready for our New in June Challenge!!

This month’s challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to try something new this month. You don’t have to start anything life changing (but you can!) or radically different (but you can!) All you have to do is pick something you’ve always wanted to try, give up the excuses, and do it!

I’ll be with you along the way, trying as many new things as I can. I’ll be blogging about my new experiences throughout the month and I welcome you to comment on blog posts, post on our Facebook page or write a guest post for me to share!

Here’s my list of things I am going to try this month:

1. Grow something new

2. Start jogging

3. Make hamburger buns

4. Find a new, lung-friendly way to clean my windows (that actually works, I might add)

5. Stop buying plastic for food storage

6. Read a fiction book outside of my favorite genres (Anyone have a Harlequin Romance novel I can borrow?)

7. Try an ethnic food I’ve never had before (btw, have you ever wondered what an American Ethnic food section at a grocery store looks like? Take a look at this little video from Germany

8. Find a new use for something I was going to throw away

Do you need some inspiration. Check out Day Zero Project for thousands of ideas!


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