Review of Filippo Berio Olive Oil

Coconut oil seems to be all the rage these days, and I’m not knocking it, but people seem to have forgetten about the original “healthy” oil, olive oil.

I was recently given the chance to try Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil for free through BzzAgent (if you aren’t an agent you should join, it’s super fun!) Yes, I got the oil for free but the opinions of it are all my own.

I’m a big fan of olive oil but I usually buy the store brand figuring what I sacrificed in flavor I made up for in price. The flavor of the Filipo Berio oil, however, was so pure and intense that I’ve switched. It just so happens that FBOO was on sale at our grocery store this week, $3.99 for a 16 ounce bottle, as compared to $5.99 for store brand. I had a few $1 off coupons left from BzzAgent so I stocked up! See, brand names can be affordable if you’re willing to wait for a sale!

Last night I made a delicious roast veggies dish using FBOO, it’s a perfect way to use up all of those extra veggies in your garden or fridge!

You need:

-Veggies (use whatever is in season, leftover in your fridge or growing in your garden – I used zucchini, yellow squash and red potatoes. Onions, garlic and root veggies also roast very well)

-A few drizzles of Filipo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or the oil of your choice)

-Your favorite seasonings (I used salt, pepper, oregano and tarragon)

OPTIONAL – Add something sweet & tangy (I used Mirin last night but I usually use balsamic vinegar. Apple cider vinegar and a dash of brown sugar would work also)

Preheat oven to 425

1. Cut the veggies in bite-size chunks. If you’re mixing root veggies in cut them extra small so the cooking time is the same.

2. Coat the veggies with a few drizzles of olive oil and seasonings.

3. Spread the veggies evenly in a greased roasting pan, or on a greased cookie sheet.

4. Cook for 25-35 minutes, until all veggies are tender

5. Mix the veggies up a bit with a wooden spoon before serving. For an extra flavor boost add a few more drizzles of olive oil.


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