Re-Growing Romaine and Celery from Stumps

New in June Challenge #1 – Grow Something New

(left-to-right: celery at 5 days, romaine at 5, 10, 14 & 14 days)

Did you know that you can grow a salad in your kitchen without much effort? Reader Kevin (check out his awesome artwork at clued me in on this revelation, and it couldn’t be easier!!

All you need to grow romaine lettuce and celery is a head of each from the store, a container and some water. You’ll eventually need a pot and soil for the celery, but it’s not needed to start and is optional for the romaine.

1. Purchase a head of romaine and celery from the store.

2. Cut the stump off the head

3. Place the stump in a container with about ½” of water and place in a spot with muted sunlight

4. Change the water daily

5. When the celery is about 4” high transplant it into the ground or a pot with soil, a small container will do fine. You can do this with the romaine if you want the biggest leaves possible, but it’s not necessary and your stump will continue to grow to about ½ the size of regular romaine leaves

This is a win-win for me, even if they don’t grow to full size I’ll be left with free food for our voracious turtle 😀

I’m told you can grow green onions in the same way, we’re not big green onion eaters, so let me know if you try it!

Another easy and cheap thing to try growing is sprouts. You can buy fancy sprouting kits and seeds, but all you really need is a glass jar, some cheesecloth, a rubber band and dry garbanzo beans. Google it!


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