A Brand New Plan

Office Hours. I’ve been meaning to take this step for a few months but haven’t until recently. Now that my kids are all out-of-school (and not going back) it’s become painfully obvious that I need to schedule time to sit at the computer, thus I now have regularly scheduled office hours. Hopefully these hours will allow me to 1. stop fighting with the little kids over the use of my computer 2. get myself on a regular blogging schedule 3. take weekends off without feeling guilty 4. leave the good computer free for the hubby to use at night.

With my new hours in mind I’ve set myself up a brand new blogging plan. I’ve decided to give each day a theme and work on posts throughout the week to get a few weeks up at once. I don’t think having a post up daily is a reasonable goal for me right now so my goal is to have 3 articles a week ready to go 🙂

Make-It-Stretch Mondays will be all about making your money last a little longer.

Try-It-Tuesdays will have new recipes, craft ideas, easy projects to do around the house and the like.

Windfall Wednesday is all about celebrating giving freely, receiving gracefully and living a thankful life.

Time-Out-Thursday is all about having fun! Thursdays will feature articles about entertainment, hobbies and other fun things, on a budget of course!

Freestyle Friday is where we let our hair down. Fridays will be saved for articles that don’t fit above, giveaways, reviews, guest posts and whatever else strikes our fancy.

I’ll be hard at work the rest of this week (Woah! It’s Thursday!) to get everything going. In the meantime, I’m putting the call out for guest posts, ideas and suggestions!


2 thoughts on “A Brand New Plan

  1. When I was in my office, I would put up 3 signs. The green one meant that you were welcome to come in for any reason. It was fine to interrupt me. The yellow one meant that it should be important. Perhaps a school question. Or something that couldn’t wait until I took a break. Red meant do not disturb unless someone is bleeding or the house is on fire. It worked really well.

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