Freezing Vegetables – Try-It-Out-Tuesday

There are a lot of ways to preserve food for future use, but the one I prefer is freezing.

There are several reasons why I prefer freezing over other food preservation methods.

– Freezing requires very few supplies
– Freezing is easy
– Freezing doesn’t take much time

There are a few downsides to freezing to consider:

-Freezing requires freezer space
-If you lose power you risk losing your preserved food

We have a spare freezer so space isn’t an issue, but the freezer has turned off at least 3 times this year. After the third loss of food I invested in a CDN Audio Visual Freezer Alarm cheap freezer alarm, and now I have peace.

Freezing fruit is very easy, you slice the fruit, put it on a cookie sheet & place it in the freezer for about 2 hours. When the fruit is frozen solid you dump it into a freezer bag and you’re done.

You can use the above method for freezing short-cooking vegetables, like onions and peppers, but generally speaking you need to toss in an extra step before freezing veggies.

Freezing vegetables requires a little bit more work, but it’s still easy. Here’s how I recently froze a batch of cauliflower.

1. Rinse cauliflower and cut into florets

2. Put florets into boiling water for two minutes

3. Drain florets and immediately put into a bowl of ice water – this is important, if you don’t do this the florets will continue to cook and turn into mush

4. Drain the florets well

5. Place dry florets into a good-quality freezer bag, seal and freeze!

That’s it, easy peasy and ready to be used down the road!

What’s your favorite way of preserving food?


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