Share Your Page Wednesday

I woke up yesterday and thought…hey, this Wednesday I want to let people promote their pages.

No, seriously, that’s how it happened. Almost.

Anyhow..I’m all about supporting people in their home businesses, groups, etc. Each Wednesday I’m going to open the blog and Facebook page up for people to let everyone know what they’re up to.

-Family-friendly businesses ONLY. I know there is a whole industry out there to sell adult products, but we’re G-rated here.

-Be nice, comments are moderated and I will remove negative comments.

-Please contact business owners directly.

-Feel free to post under the proper posting on the The Facebook Page and in the comments of the weekly PYP post.

Thanks all!


4 thoughts on “Share Your Page Wednesday

  1. Hi! I’m a writer. I write articles, ebooks, hard copy books, sales letters, blog posts….just about anything as long as it is clean in nature! My website is Here is my sales pitch:

    Do you want to be an authority in your field? One of the fastest ways to do this is by writing a book. Being the author of a book commands the respect of your peers and your customers. It gives you and your business credibility – instant credibility. Perhaps you will want to sell your book. Perhaps you will just want to use it as a free offer or a thank you. Perhaps you will use it to inform potential clients about what you do and how it will benefit them. Whatever the case, a book can be a great boon.

    Hello! I’m Teri B. Clark. I have been writing professionally since 2000 and have helped literally hundreds of people. Many of my clients have great ideas for books and need research to validate and illustrate these ideas and convert them into a rough draft or even a finished publication.

    If you need a writer, then you’ve come to the right place. I can gather needed information, organize it to fit its purpose, make sure your material is up to date and reflects the latest trends, and customize the writing to meet your individual needs at any stage in the writing process. The writing that you just haven’t had time to do can now finally become an accomplished goal.

  2. Pink Zebra is a new scent company with American made scents. Our waxes are soy and 100% safe for children and animals…no need to call poison control if lil buggers injest them.
    Contact me for a free sample!! Or visit our webpage for more product information or shop online to purchase!
    **NOTE: last day to order for guaranteed Christmas delivery is December 9, 2012!


    -That one perfect app to organize your busy life?

    -A super mega-vitamin to make you healthy?

    -Drinking cup after cup of coffee?

    -Tempted to try Bee Jelly or Exotic Juice products for some energy?

    Search the “Whole Wide World” or the “World-Wide-Web” and you still may not find that something you know you need. was created to help you find what you’ve been looking for.

    -Hands-on, real-world checklists to get organized & productive

    – Encouragement, affirmation and Inspiration

    -Free printable coupons for products you already use


    -Solutions for the challenges you face

    -No hidden agenda

    -No one promoting herself

    -No work-at-home scams or schemes

    -No one cashing in on your needs

    -No banners, pop-ups or things that waste your time

    The bottom line is that in order to give 100% to your family AND give 100% on the job, all at the same time, you will need a miracle.

    There’s really only one place to go if you really need a miracle…

    To The Creator of all miracles.


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