March Meal Plan

This month’s meal plan is a little different. I can’t believe I’m going to say this…but…we’re going on vacation!! We haven’t been on a real vacation in about 8 years, not counting long weekends. I know! This month’s menu is missing a week to account for that.

This menu equals about $85/week, not counting stops for fresh milk and produce. We did all of our meat shopping at GFS, 90% of everything else was purchased at Aldi and 10% at Publix.

I don’t plan what day we’re having something, I just make whatever needs to be used first and fits our schedule for the day. This month all bread products will be made in my kitchen, as are the salad dressings. Side dishes are usually simple salads or veggies sticks.

I happened to find a great deal on chicken so that’s the bulk of our protein this month BUT this month look for corned beef, cabbage, vinegar, ham and eggs to be on sale and work those into your menu plan 🙂

As always I’m a few days short, that’s to account for special meals with my extended family, Easter dinner and leftover buffet nights.

Chicken Salad Wraps w/Ranch Pasta Salad

Black Bean Burrito Casserole (Layer tortillas and burrito fillings in a casserole, cover with salsa and cheese & bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes – this is great for using up leftover meats and veggies!)

Calypso Beans & Rice

Ginger Chicken & Chinese Coleslaw

Pasta Salad with tuna

Ranchy Chicken Tacos – Brown chicken, add taco seasonings (homemade or dry packet) & a packet of dry ranch dressing (this one is hard to make from scratch but you can skip if you want)

Slow Cooker Cranberry Chicken – Place chicken pieces in the slow cooker, add a can of whole berry cranberry sauce, 1/2 cup of OJ and a Tbsp of dijon mustard and cook on low for 4-6 hours


Hot dog night (I know, but it’s once a month, lol!) – I like mine with chili and cheese 🙂

Salad & potato night

Double Chick Curry (chicken and chickpea – basically I saute an onion in oil, brown the chicken, if I have a potato I’ll dice it and add it. Add some garlic, Major Grey chutney if I have it, some curry powder or garam masala (you can buy premade or mix your own from common spices), black pepper, some tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes, a cup of cooked chickpeas. Stir in some milk, cream, plain yogurt or sour cream at the end. Simple, cheap and delicious!


Baked Ziti

Leftover Soup (freeze your odds & ends, at the end of the month dump it into the slow cooker or a big pot, cover with broth or water, add a can of tomatoes if you want and cook on low 8-10 hours. Season as you like.)

Ham salad on pretzel rolls (Can you believe I STILL have leftover ham in the freezer from Christmas??)

Black Bean Burgers & steak fries or sweet potato fries

Pizza (see calzones above, I use the same crust recipe)

Fried Rice – another great use of leftovers! This can be made with any meat or the meat can be skipped.


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