Review: Apples, Bean Dip & Carrot Cake (a learn-to-cook book!)

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A few months ago I was the lucky winner of a copy of Apples, Bean Dip & Carrot Cake, a cookbook written by Anne & Freya Dinshah. What a cool book!

This isn’t your typical kids cookbook, rather, it’s a learn to cook book. The book is divided up into skill levels that accommodate the youngest chef and experienced older kids alike. The recipes are written in a large, kid-friendly font and include a lot of full-color photos.

This book features recipes that your kids will love and you can feel good about them eating. The recipes in this book are all vegan but don’t let that bother you, they’re still delicious and you can always use real butter & cheese if you want!

My 9 year old daughter immediately devoured the book but what surprised me is how my 8 year old son also devoured the book.

Devoured. Get it?

The two of them poured over the book for a few hours before announcing that they were making a salad for lunch and homemade ice pops for dessert! Seeing the pride on their faces when they served the meal was worth the small mess they left in the kitchen (by the way, the book teaches kids how to wash up after themselves too!)

As if the great recipes and instructions weren’t enough, this 160 page book also includes fun certificates you can present to your child after they complete each section!

This book is great for children of all abilities, especially if you’re trying to introduce healthier eating habits. Your children will love using this book, I promise!

Jayden and her ice pop

**This review consists of my personal experience and opinions only. The authors and publishers of this book did not ask me to do this review. I won the book through a contest and I liked it so much I decided to do a review. I wasn’t given anything in exchange for this review, though I did inform the author of it and she said thanks. Your experience and opinions may vary. Isn’t the world a grand place?**


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