Homemade Gel Ice Pack

The credit for this one goes to my mother (love you, mom!!)

DIY Ice Pack

Homemade Gel Ice Pack (or as we call them, boo boo bags)

You need:
3 parts water
1 part rubbing alcohol
High quality zipper bag

Mix the water and alcohol, pour into zipper bag and freeze.

The mixture will freeze into a gel that’s perfect for wrapping around sore knees or chilling boo boos. For the pack you see in the photo I only used 1/4 cup alcohol (our bottle is nearly empty and I was not about to waste perfectly good vodka) and 3/4 cup water.

You’ll notice that the boo boo bag in the picture looks more like a slushy than gel, that’s what happens when you think it’s so neat you start manipulating the gel and excitedly passing it around to your kids to play with. It still works, it’s just not as appealing to the eye.

Use your common sense when using these bags. If you’re going to use them around your eyes or mouth double bag them. If you are going to use one on a child don’t let them chew on it or use it near their eyes or mouth.


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