10 Signs That You Might Be Frugal

You Might Be A Frugal Diva If...

1. You save all of your food scraps for freezer soup

2. Your son knows to ask for a patch, not a new pair, when he wears a hole in his pants

3. Your children occupy themselves with toys made from stuff they find in the recycling bin

4. You’ve actually done the math to find out if printable coupons save you money after you add in the cost of ink

5. You open your garage door manually because you calculated how much it cost to open it with the opener

6. Your idea of a hot date is sharing happy hour drinks, in a bar with free chips and dip, paid for with a gift card that you earned by doing surveys online (and yes, you tip well!)

7. You know 10 totally different dishes that use potatoes as the main ingredient

8. You keep the ugly shirt Aunt Millicent gave you because if you undo the seam in your daughter’s outgrown pants you can fashion them into a skirt, to which you can sew the ugly shirt and viola your daughter has a new dress

9. If you run out of something (anything) you look for directions on how to make it from stuff you have, rather than run to the store and buy it

and finally…you might be a frugal diva if…

10. Your children say things like “Wow, I remember when we used to buy laundry detergent.”


2 thoughts on “10 Signs That You Might Be Frugal

  1. Too funny. Love it. I am currently waiting for my sweatpants to actually fall apart. Currently they are only falling apart. Tonight I used a weird, opened for a long time flour in the back of the cupboard to make a sensory bin because I didn’t want to use my good flour.

    • šŸ˜€ Would you laugh if I told you that last weekend I finally got rid of a pair of gym shorts that I used to wear to PE in high school? I’m 37 years old, ha ha ha ha!

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