REVIEW: Easy Canvas Prints, Your Photos on Canvas

easy canvas prints review

There are people who are put in our lives for a reason. One of those people in my life is my mother-in-law. A lot of people complain about their mother-in-law but I hit the jackpot with mine. She & I have always been very close and I simply adore her.

That person, for my mother-in-law, was her “daddy”. Her father passed away many years ago but I can see how much my mother-in-law misses him even today. My husband and I wanted to do something for my mother-in-law that would forever memorialize her father, and give her a visual reminder of his presence in her life.

We decided to use Easy Canvas Prints to blow up & transfer a photograph to canvas. We were all stunned at the quality of the final product.

My mother-in-law was very moved and after the tears stopped falling she carried the canvas around for an hour, deciding where she should hang it.

What a powerful gift a canvas photograph can be.

Easy Canvas Prints review

Yes, the picture looks a little fuzzy but let me explain.

The photograph used for the canvas was taken in 1949. It survived numerous cross-country moves and being stored in photo albums, boxes and attics. It survived blizzards and hurricanes. The original photograph was only 6″ tall and 4″ wide. Finally, the photograph used to make the canvas was actually a photograph of the original taken on an iPhone!

This is the photograph of the original photograph we used:
Easy Canvas Prints review

There are safeguards in the transferring process. A day after I submitted my order I received an email stating that my photograph wasn’t of the best quality and would I please proof it a second time and let them know whether or proceed or not. How is that for customer service?

A week after I placed my order the canvas arrived. The first thing you will notice when you receive the canvas is how well it’s packaged.
Easy Canvas Prints review
The canvas is wrapped in plastic and secured to the box so it doesn’t slide around. The package was well taped.

The actual canvas is much stronger than I expected. We have several canvas paintings and I’m so afraid to move them, afraid to rip the canvas. I don’t have that fear with the Easy Canvas Prints canvas as they have a protective coating. Not only does this coating protect the canvas, but it makes it fingerprint resistant and easy to dust.

The whole procedure is easy, from the uploading and ordering process to the hanging process. So easy that the hardware to hang the canvas is already on the canvas.

easy print canvas review

If you’re looking for a special gift I urge you to consider having a favorite photograph transferred to canvas by Easy Canvas Prints. Prices start at just $15 and if you like their Facebook page you will be notified of their frequent sales.

Easy canvas print review

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FTC Disclaimer: To facilitate this review I received a product. I did not receive any compensation. All opinions are my own.


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