My Second Zaycon Foods Chicken Review – October, 2013

Back in March of 2012 I picked up my first order of chicken breast from Zaycon chicken, and I wasn’t impressed. The pick-up situation was a nightmare and the chicken was subpar. I complained and received a partial refund and I thought all was done.

But wow did that review drive people to This Big Happy! To this day that one post gets three times as many hits as any other posts, and “bad zaycon review” is still my #1 search term.

About 6 weeks ago I received an email from someone at Zaycon, they had read my review and the comments on it (there are some really good ones!) and apologized for our experience. She offered to refund the rest of my purchase price and asked if I’d like to try the chicken again, on the house.

I had a better idea.

I’d gladly accept the refund but I didn’t want the chicken, I wanted them to donate it to a local family in need.

And they agreed 🙂 How cool is that? We quickly struck up a deal for me to order and pick-up the chicken and deliver it, which is what I did.


I happened to be at Legoland the day of pick-up (what an awful life I live, right?) so my husband knocked off work a little early to meet the 5-6pm delivery time. The closest pick-up to us is 45 minutes away from our home, and also 45 minutes away from his office.

I had zero complaints about pick-up this time, none. Pick-up wasn’t changed or canceled, no problems at all.

When I started going through the chicken I did notice that most of it was nearly frozen. The Zaycon representative said it’s a result of the cold air from the truck being blasted straight on the boxes, which I believed and accepted. She said it’s a problem they are trying to work out, but I’d rather have somewhat frozen chicken over the alternative of warm chicken.

zaycon chicken

The chicken breasts were great this time. They were not overloaded in fat and none were discolored or had a skin forming. The breasts were huge, as you can see from the picture up there. Zaycon says none of the chicken they use is treated with growth hormones, and I believe them. It’s important to point out here that the chicken you are buying is NOT free range & it’s not organic. The chicken was grown in very controlled environments, resulting in a larger breast and probably a worse life for the chicken. It’s not fun to think about but that’s how it is, only you can decide if eating chicken grown on a conventional farm is the right decision for your family.

In the end, I was much more pleased with Zaycon Foods this time around. I processed and froze the chicken and it’s being delivered to a local family in need this coming weekend, once they make room in their freezer, LOL!

I am glad Zaycon is reaching out to unsatisfied customers and making things right. I was 100% sure I’d never order from Zaycon again, but almost two years later things are now cool with us and I will consider future purchases.


3 thoughts on “My Second Zaycon Foods Chicken Review – October, 2013

  1. I found this review by googling our old webpage to I think a first review. And then followed over here. Anyway Zaycon is the hot topic as a source of cheap bulk chicken in my group of housewives that can foods. I decided to check them out by reading their facebook page and searching a bit. I am glad you had a positive second experience, but it looks like from their facebook wall that they have grown pretty fast and the customer service has not kept up. Lots of unhappy people posting. So I am taking a pass on ordering from them based on how they are responding on facebook to those posts. Hopefully they will get their act together and I can try in the spring. Thank you for the great reviews!!

  2. I have received several orders from Zaycon. In fact, my husband and son usually pick up the order for several of us in our group. We have never had a problem and the quality of the meat has been great! You negative experience was so surprising to me. We have truly had a great product and not problems with delivery.

  3. I have only ordered one from Zaycon. Two cases of their chicken breasts. Awhile after ordering, we made weekend getaway plans, totally forgetting or chicken delivery was scheduled for that same weekend! I contacted Zaycon using their online form, and waited for a response. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive a response to that until after our vacation, despite it saying something like 3 days online. A couple days before our vacation/pickup date, since we hadn’t heard anything back via email, my husband called to explain the situation. Fortunately, he was told since it was before the pickup date that we’d receive a full refund. So, our one time dealing with them ended on a positive note. I am left to wonder what their response via email would have been had we not called. I can just imagine being told we’d incur a 10% fee since it was after our pickup date, despite my original message to them being days before. Hopefully that would not be the case though.

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